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What We Do

At Paytonlayne's Place, we aim to provide a safe place for young adults with developmental disabilities to continue their socialization after high school. Below, you'll find descriptions of our services, but in general, we provide a place to bring your young adult monthly to interact with their peers, while continuing to build on life skills, participate in various activities, and have opportunities to become involved in the community. It is our goal to give these young adults the chance to have a normal life.

What We Offer

Build Life Skills

One of our main goals throughout each aspect of our program is to help our campers build life skills that will aid them throughout their lives. Ranging from communication skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, mental resilience, self-awareness, and physical fitness, we attempt to build on these life skills through everyday situations.

Field Trips

Our social camp will include volunteer opportunities, lunch outings, bowling or movie days, and community involvement.


As many students graduate high school, the drastic change in routine and lack of opportunities to interact with their peers has a significant effect on their well-being, making one of our main goals the continuation of the  socialization these young adults are accustomed to.


We will have various activities available to participate in, ranging from art, to music, emotions, and memory work, among others.

Volunteer Opportunities for Members/Volunteers

We want to give our campers a chance to become involved in the community, as well as give back to our community and supporters. Volunteer opportunities will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. 


Through our volunteer program, we provide an opportunity for others in our community to get involved and help foster friendships among our campers and volunteers. This program is inspired by the mentor program at Owasso High School, which helps provide their students with meaningful friendships throughout their high school years.

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