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My name is Hannah Holstead, one of many that are working on Paytonlayne's Place. As you can see, we are just at the beginning stages of establishing Paytonlayne's Place, primarily sharing information about our plans and goals as we take the steps to make this a reality. If you follow or like our pages on social media, you know that the inspiration for Paytonlayne's Place comes primarily from Payton Layne Holstead, my sister. She is 24 years old and has Down syndrome. Since she graduated high school 6 years ago, the drastic decline in socialization and interaction with her peers has had a significant effect on her personality and well-being, as anyone who knows her could tell you. The situation we find ourselves in, along with many other parents and guardians in our community, is what has led us to begin the process of establishing Paytonlayne’s Place.

My mom, Stephanie Holstead; my sisters, Hillarie Holstead and Bella Earwood; my aunt, Annette Hinshaw; and my grandmother, Lynda Bailey, have been working together with the support and encouragement of the rest of our family and many in our community to bring this nonprofit to life. At our core, our mission is to bring individuals with developmental disabilities together to help them build relationships and self-confidence through community involvement by providing a safe and enjoyable environment. Our vision for the day-to-day running of Paytonlayne's Place is centered around mentorship and community involvement as we strive to maintain a safe and welcoming atmosphere for our members and mentors, where relationships and teamwork can flourish.

If you've been following us from the start, you may have noticed that our name has changed since we first shared this idea, from Payton's Place, Inc. to Paytonlayne's Place, Inc. due to a snafu, but we are officially renamed as a nonprofit according to the state and once we get the last of the paperwork back, we will be able to start applying for grants, taking contributions and getting our official fundraisers off the ground. Our goal at the moment is to find a temporary location that will enable us to begin fulfilling our mission as we progress toward a more permanent location. We are currently meeting with various churches to discuss the possibility of partnering with them to get Paytonlayne's Place started. We have created most of our marketing materials for the time being, which have been and will continue to be shared on our website, as well as our social media pages.

Essentially, we are getting there. Without our community, none of this would be possible and we are beyond grateful for any and all support you may feel led to give! Check back for more posts to stay updated :)

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